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The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast

Produced by The Orvis Company and hosted by Tom Rosenbauer, author of The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide, this podcast will provide you with tips on how to get the most of your time on the water. Read more about Orvis at


This week we have an advanced pike and musky podcast.  It’s about time for these toothy guys to prowl the shallows after spawning and they are ravenous.  But you might be surprised by the retrieve speed my expert suggests, as well as many other hot tips on catching pike, including tips on the best place in the world to catch big ones on the fly.  Colin McKeown, host and producer of The New Fly Fisher TV show (WFN and PBS) joins me this week as my expert witness.  We have a short fly box on tying streamer heads, getting your fly out of a tree, and a couple tips on how to choose between a graphite and fiberglass rod

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This week I had a great talk with Henry Cowen on freshwater stripers.  Henry is a saltwater angler and fly tier of great experience who brought his talents to freshwater stripers, and he has some wonderful tips for finding these big guys, flies to use, and techniques to get them to eat your fly.  Also, we have lots of good fly box questions on saltwater fly tying, bad loops on fly lines, and other tidbits.  Also a young listener takes me to task for banning cell phone calls to the request line and I should have known better.  He says the only people he knows who have land lines are his parents.  Guess I am showing my age, so please do use your cell phones for the podcast request line—just please not from your car and from a place with good service!


Note: A listener named Trevor called in with a great question about canoes vs kayaks. Please call again Trevor as we could not locate your call when it came time to produce the show.

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This week I don’t have much of a Fly Box, because I just have not been getting many questions from listeners.  Where are you?  I’m lonely here.  But I do have a big interview with the great Joe Humphreys, a savvy, iconoclastic fly fisher that I’ve admired for many years.  He has a unique take on nymph fishing and has never used an indicator, so you may get some new ideas on how to fish nymphs on this one.  By the way, Joe will be at Orvis Pittsburgh this Saturday and Sunday morning, so if you want to see him in action or ask some questions, get over to Orvis Pittsburgh.

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