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The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast

Produced by The Orvis Company and hosted by Tom Rosenbauer, author of The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide, this podcast will provide you with tips on how to get the most of your time on the water. Read more about Orvis at

Montana fly-fishing guide, Simon Perkins is back home in Vermont for Christmas and joins Tom for a podcast on lessons learned the hard way. It's the mistakes that make us wise, if we learn from them. Learn from Tom and Simon's mistakes so you dont have to make them yourself!

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Tom takes the mystery out of packing for your next trip telling you what you need, what you don't and what you REALLY shouldn't forget to bring.

He also shares his top five flies for fresh and saltwater.

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In this episode, Tom is joined by Peter Kutzer of the Orvis Fly Fishing School to revisit a subject that we have covered in the past, but is still requested: common casting mistakes. We've all made them, in this podcast learn how to identify and fix them.

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Chris Wood, TU’s President and CEO, talks with Massachussetts TU volunteer Warren Winders about sea-run brook trout and why a small stream in the midst of a cranberry bog in Massachusetts is key to this population of sea-run brook trout.

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Tom covers a lot of material in this podcast. In the "Fly Box" section, he compares and contrasts vests vs chest packs vs waist packs vs sling packs, he covers how best to keep your flies floating (and reveals his secret)  and then answers a question about realistic vs impressionistic flies.

The main topic of this podcast, though is what easterners can expect when taking a fishing trip west and what westerners can expect when making a trip east. What are the differences? How can you best prepare?


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Jack Williams Chris Wood, TU’s President and CEO, talks with TU’s senior scientist, Jack Williams, about the looming possibility that the Federal Drug Administration will give approval to genetically modify salmon for human consumption. Could trout be the next animal to be genetically modified for food?

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Chris Wood, TU’s President and CEO, talks with Steve Moyer,     TU’s Vice President of Government Affairs, about upcoming legislation that is important to sportsmen. Steve gives an insider’s look into lobbying in Washington, D.C.—how it works and how people who care about trout and salmon can make their voices heard.

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As Tom was sitting down to tape this episode we got an email from a listener that made us all smile regarding his daughter's first fly. Tom reads it in this episode and tt was good timing as Tom lays out the basics of what you need to get into fly tying as a great addition to your fly fishing experience... but don't get into it thinking you're going to save money on flies! 

Good lighting, a comfortable seat, reading glasses and this podcast episode are a great start to a rewarding, lifelong hobby.


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Chris Wood, TU’s President and CEO, chats with Colorado Volunteer, Sharon Lance, about conservation issues in Colorado, why it’s important to get kids involved in fly fishing and why its never a good idea to have your spouse teach you how to fish.

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Wow! About 250 entries and over 500 votes in our first podcast giveaway contest to win an Access Fly Rod! Congrats to troutbumpk!

In this episode, Tom gives some tips on teaching others to fly fish and also introduces a new segment to the show: The Flybox. We get a lot of requests that can't quite fill a whole podcast, so Tom is going to address those in this new segment!

Tell us what you think! Email us at, come by and leave a comment on the blogs, tweet us @OrvisFlyFishing or find us on Facebook at


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