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The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast

Produced by The Orvis Company and hosted by Tom Rosenbauer, author of The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide, this podcast will provide you with tips on how to get the most of your time on the water. Read more about Orvis at

In this episode Tom gives his list of what you could get that angler, and angler-to-be at the last minute!

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This week we range in topics from toilet paper to bass leaders, but the main topic is one that is frequently requested: How to make sense of the thousands of patterns of dry flies into a reasonable number that will cover most of the hatches you encounter. I offer 10 tips on slimming down your fly box (or filling it up, depending on where you are in the game) plus my favorite dozen dry flies.

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Welcome to another installment of "Ask an Orvis Fly-Fishing Instructor," with Peter Kutzer. In this episode, Peter explains the differences between the parachute cast and the pile cast, both of which are slack-line casts that can be useful when you're fishing across conflicting currents or to a fish downstream. To make a parachute cast, you stop the rod high and keep the tip up while the fly and front of the line land on the water. This gives you a belly of line between the rod tip and the water. As your fly drifts downstream, you lower the rod tip, feeding line into the drift and maintaining contact with the fly. To make a pile cast, you shoot the line high again, but this time, you drop the rod tip to the water's surface in front of the fly, dragging the line downward. This causes the line to land in a pile, so the fly can dead-drift freely.

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This week we do a podcast I've been looking forward to--an interview with a couple of top fly-fishing guides about what it's like to be a guide and how to get into guiding. Learn about how a guide prepares for their day, what they agonize over, and enjoy a few wild stories along the way.

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In this week's podcast I announce the winner of the Podcast Suggestion Contest, who won a signed copy of my latest book Essential American Flies.  The topic is sure to be a crowd-pleaser to most of you--targeting bigger trout. In the podcast I give you 10 suggestions for targeting the biggest trout in a pool or in a stretch of river. 

There were lots of great suggestions in the podcast contest, and I used a couple for the short Fly Box section at the beginning of the podcast:  How to cure the fall blues after a tough fishing season, and how to pack for a business trip where you might grab a few hours fishing.  Plus a terrific tip on rigging dry droppers on our podcast request line from a listener in Georgia.

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This week I interview George Daniel, past competitor in Team Fly Fishing USA and now head coach. The subject is European nymphing styles like Czech nymphing, Polish nymphing, French nymphing, and Spanish nymphing.

I've had a number of requests to talk about European nymphing so I called in one of the top American experts on these techniques. You'll learn the differences between these styles and under which conditions you use them, as well as how to rig for these very effective styles of catching trout and grayling on nymphs. These techniques are great to have in your bag of tricks when standard strike indicator and dry/dropper techniques aren't working.

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In the podcast this week, I go on a minor rant about the ethics of crowding on today's trout streams, and pretty much tell you if you don't like the crowds, take a hike (literally).  I do give some suggestions on how to handle crowded situations if you have no other choice, but there is almost always another choice.  And in the main part of the podcast, I share with you some fall fishing secrets. We have touched on this subject before, but since the last time I have received some more tips from all of you that I really shoudl share.

I also announce a very special contest for the best suggestion for next week's podcast.  The prize is an autographed copy of my new book, The Orvis Guide to The Essential American Flies, which is a large format book with spectacular color photos

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I'm always confused by the science and physics of tides and how they vary and how they influence fish in salt water.  So I went right to the best source I know on all things saltwater related--Dr. Aaron Adams, director of Bonefish Tarpon Trust and one of my favorite fishing buddies.  Fishing with him is like fishing with Mr. Wizard (excuse me for dating myself here) and Aaron does not disappoint in our interview.  He takes the sceince behind tides and makes it clear and digestible to those of us who just like to fish in salt water.  There are some specific tips for fly fishing related to tides as well, and Aaron suggests some ways that fly fishers in particular can use tide predictions to have more success on the water.  It was a fun podcast for me as I learned a ton.

In the Fly Box,  I also answer a listeners question about how and why tailwater rivers are different and some tips on fishing them.

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This week I discuss a dozen tips for taking difficult risers. We're not always fortunate to find consistently rising fish, but when we do it's a chess match that can be the most fascinating aspect of trout fishing. There are many tips to finally fooling a difficult riser, and surprisingly few of them involve choosing the correct fly. We also have Fly Box short items on some questions that came up from listeners regarding last week's podcast on small stream fishing. And by popular demand, we'll continue our sections on great fly-fishing books and cool products you might have missed.

Test your wits with my quiz on difficult rises here.


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In this week's podcast, we explore the world of small stream trout with 5 detailed tips (mainly because I was too lazy to organize more--actually there are probably about 20 tips included) that cover everything from what rod to use to how to find your own small stream.

There are tens of thousands of tiny trout streams in the United States, many of which never get fished or are fished infrequently, so it's a great place to get solitude and return to the essence of fly fishing. I also introduce two new items to the podcast, and we're looking for your feedback on these: a selected book of the week and "products you might have missed", a short section on handy fishing products that you might not have heard about. And, of course, we answer several questions in our popular "Fly Box" section

I am thrilled the podcast has grown so much, but I'm having a hard time keeping up with emails. I still want to hear from you, though as that is how we get material for the show! For podcast suggestions. please use the online forum at or our voicemail line at 802-362-8800

Thanks for listening!

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Steelhead are one of the most glamorous and frustrating fish you can catch with a fly rod.  They are similar in behavior and fighting ability to Atlantic salmon, but whereas our fly fishing traditions for Atlantic salmon came from a more aristocratic background, fly fishing for steelhead evolved via a more populist tradition.  Where can you fish for steelhead?  What techniques work best?  Are the fish from the Great Lakes a true steelhead or just a big rainbow trout, and how do fishing techniques for them differ?  And how many steelhead can you expect to catch in a day's fishing? (in my experience, you should expect to catch zero and be pleasantly surprised).  

Listen to this week's podcast and get some tips on steelhead fishing, and then visit our podcast forum to add your thoughts or suggest future steelhead podcast topics, as this is not the last of our steelhead podcasts for this season.

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In this week's podcast, I'm joined by Dave Perkins, an old fishing and hunting buddy and also vice-chairman and one of the owners of Orvis.  Dave , like me, is a spring creek fanatic and we talk about how spring creeks differ from freestone trout streams, what to expect on them, and where to find them.  And of course we also discuss our favorite flies, leaders, and rods for fishing these very special trout streams.  If you've never fished a spring creek, it's time to try one.  And even if you never intend to fish one, the tips we give will be very helpful any time you find selective trout sipping in clear water.  

In the Fly Box this week, we talk about why trout live in some streams and not in others, how to make a downstream presentation, and some tips on light-line rods.

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For this week's podcast, the main event is Tom's Top Ten Tippet Tips, or just 5T for short (but no short jokes please).  In this episode, I review tips on knots, types of tippet, how to attach tippets, when to shorten or lengthen a tippet, how to avoid kinky tippets, and a bunch more.  

For the "Fly Box" section of short tips, I talk about some cool, new terms and tips I learned from fishing guides in Colorado and Montana over the past two weeks.

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Tom is out of town for a couple weeks, so he asked Pete Kutzer of our Ask a Fly Fishing Instructor video series and Brett Ference from our Double Barrel Podcast series to sit in.

We asked our Facebook and Twitter fans to  suggest topics for them to cover and received over 130 suggestions!

Here are the topics they chose:

- How should a beginner go about choosing waders?

- Tips for fishin gfrom a float tube

- Is 7 years old too young to start a child fly fishing?

- When choosing a new rod, what should I consider?

- How do you best hide new fishing gear purchases from your spouse?

We also had A LOT of questions on fishing warm water, so Brett and Pete spend a lot of time on this topic.

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In this lesson, Peter explains why the double haul is useful for adding distance to the cast and taking pressure off your casting arm and wrist. Then he demonstrates exactly what you need to do for a successful double haul, from the right timing to the proper length of your haul. You'll learn why this is not just a cast for saltwater anglers, too. Once you've got the basics down, it's time to put Pete's lessons to work by practicing on your own lawn.

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Over on we have a regular series called ASK A FLY FISHING INSTRUCTOR. Here is one of the more popular videos on casting into the wind. reader Dave S. asked:

I think I have a pretty decent casting motion, but the biggest issue I have is in the wind. I always get that tailing loop, and my leader knots up. I think it's more pronounced in the wind because I strain harder. What practice tips can you give me to help?

In this video, Peter demonstrates how to beat the wind by casting lower, angling the rod tip, and even making the cast backwards.

Peter  has been a fisherman all his life, and he has a degree in outdoor education from Johnson State College. He's also a seriously good caster, and during his years working for Orvis he has seen it all.

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This week I give you a 10-step plan for getting a kid into fly fishing.  These are proven methods based on my experience and that of others I've talked to in the course of researching a book called Family Friendly Fly Fishing that I'm working on.  I've also added three additional tips for getting teenagers into fly fishing.

In the fly box items this week we talk about the old 10 o'clock to-1 o'clock casting technique, casting into the wind with big poppers and other bass flies, attaching a new fly line to backing that's already on a reel using a loop, and the correct size sink tip fly line to buy. and "new school" vs. "old school" fly fishing 

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This week I talk about swinging, and get your mind out of the gutter because it's not that kind of swinging.  This is a family show.

We discuss the art and science of swinging flies for trout, salmon, and steelhead, one of the most relazing and elegant way of covering lots of water.  It doesn't work all the time and in every type of water, so listen to the podcast to find out where and when to do it--and how to choose the right fly.  

In the Fly Box questions this week we talk about using a 7-weight rod for trout, what an individual can do to make a trout stream better, invasive species, and how to catch bass in southern rivers in summer.  Plus a note about an exciting new upgrade to our fishing reports where you can get a text message every time your favorite waters are updated.

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In this week's fly box, I mention a tip on mending line that I just got from a guide, a recommendation for how to choose a rod for nymphing, and 10 tips for reeling in and playing fish. For the main part of the podcast, I give some recommendations for high summer fishing--for having more fun, getting in more fishing time, and broadening your horizons.

Do you have a topic sugggestion? Join our podcast forum at


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This week in the Fly Box section, we talk about rod actions, line sizes, sunscreen, and dry flies in high water. In the main event, we'll give you some tips on summer dry flies, as summer is prime time for fishing on the surface.

We have a new way to contact the podcast and share your podcast ideas. Go to sign on with your Facebook login, and particpate in our online forum!

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In the fly box section this week we discuss a couple tackle maintenance items (cork grips and fly lines) and some tips on how to learn from some "old school" techniques. In the main part of the podcast, we learn more about hatches and how to deal with them, especially on how to collect insect specimens and what to do with them once you've obtained them.

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In this week's podcast we have a great phone call from Molly with some exciting news and in The FlyBox a tip on further refining your casting practice.  For the main event, we explore the topic of moving from novice to intermediate fly fisher with some tips on how to get there.

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In honor of the The American Museum of Fly Fishing's Graceful Rise Exhibit, we're celebrating Women in Fly Fishing this week. Tom is out, so we've asked Paul Fersen to read his story "Of Blue Damsels and Bamboo Girls". 

Read more about the Graceful Rise Exhibit at

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This week in the fly box we address the color red in flies, post-flood fishing conditions, and what to do if you only have a few hours to fish. For the main event I give a brief guide to the major aquatic insects, how to identify what's hatching, and some strategies for fishing different types of insect hatches.

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This week we answer a listener's question about a day in the life of an experienced fly fisher--but more how to prepare for a day than what he or she would actually do once on the water, which can vary greatly from day to day or on different kinds of waters.  In this week's fly box, we talk about what color is most visible on attractor fly wings (you will be as surprised as I was!), how to pick the right reel seat, and what color to choose on attractor flies.  Plus Phil Monahan updates us on the latest juicy bits from the Orvis blog.

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American Rivers released its annual Orvis-sponsored Ten Most Endangered Rivers Report this week. 

In this episode, Phil Monahan interviews David Moryc, Senior Director of River Protection at American Rivers about the list.

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This week I give a brief and sorta rambling overview of fly-fishing history, which is difficult to do in a short podcast so I've included the names of a couple good books on the subject.

 In this week's fly box, we have two casting tips, a word about "lining" fish, a short discussion of what to do when faced with crowded trout streams, and help when trying to detect a strike when nymph fishing.

Lots of little bits and pieces!

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In this week's podcast, the main event is The Dawn Patrol, on the pleasures, perils, and advantages of getting up as early as a turkey hunter to get some of the best fly fishing of the season.  We'll discuss dawn fishing for trout, tarpon, stripers, bonefish, permit, and steelhead.  In this weeks' fly box we'll explore small stream trout rods, a couple tips for fighting fish, and how to fish alongside your buddies.

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With many trout rivers into serious runoff this month, and more to come as western snows melt, listeners have been asking for an early season stillwater podcast.  This week I was lucky enough to interview Phil Rowley, one of the most knowledgeable stillwater anglers in the world and co-host of "The New Fly Fisher" TV show on World Fishing Network.  I know I learned a lot in the show and I am sure you will as well.  As an added bonus, there are some extra video tips from Phil, courtesy of "The New Fly Fisher".

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Welcome to our first installment of "Ask a Fly-Fishing Instructor," starring our own Peter Kutzer. A couple weeks ago, we asked you to post some questions about your biggest casting problems. Reader "Phil" wrote, "Any tips you can give on casting heavily weighted flies would be appreciated," and "Dave R." asked a much more specific version of the same question:

When practicing with my 9wt with a piece of yarn tied to my leader (9' tied with 54" 40#, 18" 30# and 18" 15# tippet. All Maxima Ultra Green) I can cast consistently to 50' and beyond. But when I tie on a weighted fly ( clouser size 1 hook with small eyes) my line and leader seem to pile up and I have problems getting past 40'.

So, cameraman Eric Weisledder and I met Peter at the casting ponds beside the Orvis Retail Store in Manchester, Vermont, so he could offer some tips on casting a heavy fly in the wind. Aside from being an excellent caster and teacher, Peter turns out to be a natural in front of the camera. And check out the way he nonchalantly switches hands to demonstrate the oval cast.

If you've got more questions for Peter, post them on our Facebook page, and we'll address each casting problem in a new video.

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In this week's podcast, 12 tips for Fishing Spring Runoff,  I give a number of valid excuses for getting skunked during spring runoff, and what you can do if faced with high, cold, muddy water. In the Fly Box section, I talk  about fly rod design, fishing pressured waters, and the reality of fly-fishing magazine articles and TV shows. Plus a great tip for threading flies from a listener who left a message on our Podcast Message Line at 802 362 8800.

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This week we have a couple of interesting fly box items--one on reeling right or left hand, and the other on how to dress for fly fishing.  The main podcast is about evaluating a new trout stream to figure out how fast to move, what fly to use, and how rich the stream is.  I also include a shameless plug for my new book Small Stream Trout Fishing.

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We have a very exciting podcast for you this week.  Many of you have asked for a pike podcast, and we've delivered what I think is one of our best presentations in two parts.

Part 1 is an audio interview I conduct with pike expert Drew Price, where he goes into great detail on where, when, and how to catch pike. Also in part 1,  we have some tips in the Fly Box section on fishing CDC flies, choosing one rod for bass and trout, and how to get your nymph deep in small plunge pools.

Part 2 is a video where we have  tips on pike fishing (along with some shots of nice pike caught on a fly), courtesy of The New Fly Fisher TV show, the best how-to fly fishing show on TV right now (it's on World Fishing Network and some PBS stations). 

I know I learned a ton from interviewing Drew and watching the video and can't wait to get at the pike this spring.

Leave us comments on this show at

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We have a very exciting podcast for you this week.  Many of you have asked for a pike podcast, and we've delivered what I think is one of our best presentations in two parts.

Part 1 is an audio interview I conduct with pike expert Drew Price, where he goes into great detail on where, when, and how to catch pike. Also in part 1,  we have some tips in the Fly Box section on fishing CDC flies, choosing one rod for bass and trout, and how to get your nymph deep in small plunge pools.

Part 2 is a video where we have  tips on pike fishing (along with some shots of nice pike caught on a fly), courtesy of The New Fly Fisher TV show, the best how-to fly fishing show on TV right now (it's on World Fishing Network and some PBS stations). 

I know I learned a ton from interviewing Drew and watching the video and can't wait to get at the pike this spring.

Leave us comments on this show at

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Tom takes another great podcast suggestion from our voicemail line and turns it in to our longest episode yet at just over an hour. It's packed with 15 tips for fishing the evening hatch.

Have a suggestion or a comment? Drop us a line at, LIKE us on Facebook at or call us at 802-362-8800. 

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Tom talks a lot, and it finally caught up with him He has a bit of larygitis this week, but takes one for the team and answers a phone request for a largemouth bass episode. 

In the fly box: Do fish see color? We also take a phone request for a series on fishing different regions of the United States and beyond.

Direct download: The_Laryngitis_Largemouth_Bass_and_Panfish_Episode.mp3
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This latest podcast is another suggestion from our tip line at (802) 362-8800. Tom had a lot of tips for sight fishing for stripers and shares all 15 here.

Did he miss anything? Call us at the nuimber above. email us at go to or find this blog in the February 2011 archive on

Direct download: 15_tips_on_Sight_fishing_for_Stripers.mp3
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Tom shares his off-season routine for gear mainteance and answers our first voicemail request for tips for the older angler. These tips apply to a lot of us, though, so it is a good listen all around.

Call us at 802 362 8800 for comments and suggestions, drop us a line at or visit us on facebook at !

Direct download: Gear_in_the_off-season_and_the_Aging_Angler.mp3
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We now have the best chance ever of stoppiing Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska.


First: listen to this podcast


Go to and click the TAKE ACTION link.

Direct download: An_Urgent_Message_from_Tom.mp3
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We're giving Tom a day off and have asked resident author Paul Fersen to read a story he wrote about for Gray's Journal called Full Circle. 

Direct download: Full_Circle.mp3
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It's cold out there... get the most out of it with these tips from Tom.

One of you will be the MILLIONTH download of this podcast. Thank you so much for your loyalty. We're having a good time and we're glad you are, too.

Leave comments on our blog at

Leave us a voicemail at 802-362-8800 with a suggestion for the show or drop us a line at

Direct download: Toms_Ten_Tips_on_Winter_Fly_Fishing.mp3
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Tom goes into great detail in this podcast on sinking lines. This is advanced stuff, but plenty for everyone here.

In the FLY BOX section, Tom touches on how to remove ice from the guides on your rod, casting around objects and gives a couple pointers on choosing a good fishing guide.

Direct download: Somehwere_in_the_Neighborhood_of_Six_tips_on_Sinking_Lines.mp3
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You folks have requested some more advanced topics and Tom comes through with a long, detailed podcast on fishing emergers.

Go to to ask Tom questions about this episode and add anythign he may have forgotten!

Direct download: Black_Diamond_Episode-_Six_Tips_on_Emergers.mp3
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Casting  that first thirty feet of line out can sometimes be tricky. Tom has some easy tips for the advanced and beginner angler alike, so you can false cast less and fish more.

Direct download: The_First_30_Feet.mp3
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